Silent Soldiers of The Forest

currently in post production

short film shot in los angeles, october, 2020. written, directed and produced by olivia buckle. entering the festival circuit soon!


Co-Director Alexandra Swarens
Co-Director Alexandra Swarens

DP & Co-Director
DP & Co-Director

Sound Engineer Nick Engelman
Sound Engineer Nick Engelman

Co-Director Alexandra Swarens
Co-Director Alexandra Swarens



My Toqi

Producer for brand content

- Model casting & photographer hire

- Story board drawn based on deliverables, guidelines & Brand culture  

- location scouting

- Images used for website & socials

Good Art HLYWD

Brand collaboration

- Model & producer

- photographer, MUA, Hair, Stylist from team

- Collaboration from creatives involved

- Images used for socials

- Editorial then published in Picton Magazine


Drink Bev

Producer, Creative Director 

- Dancer & choreographer

- Editor

- Location scouting, Equipment rental and set up

- Video used for socials

- over 2,000 views

Music Video

Producer & Assistant Director

- Dancer, Producer & choreographer

- Dancer & Videographer Audition/Hire

- Location scouting

- Music Video for Kev Skrilla & Grigs Hesk - UK

- Over 2.9K views