Canadian-born creative, Olivia Buckle, has worked in the performance arts her entire life through the realms of dance, theatre, film, modeling and behind the curtains as a choreographer, producer and director.

Her career as a dancer kicked off professionally in 2005 at age 15.  In 2011, at age 21, she moved to London, England to found a dance school and build dance programs for the youth in West London. 


Since her arrival to the west coast, she been cast in leading and supporting roles for over eighteen features and short films. She was nominated for "best supporting actress", has views into the millions for one of her features "City of Trees" and is in the editing process of her directorial/writer debut! She has a holiday rom-com in post production set for release in November 2022, as well a Lifetime film for end of 2022 release. 


Commercially, she has booked national spots for Fiat, Rakuten and Twisted Tea. Cartier, Guy Tang Mydentity and Discover Credit Card are a few brands Olivia as worked with as a print model.


She continues her training in Los Angeles with various workshops and master classes to refine her acting skill set.  Olivia loves to collaborate with other creative individuals, creating pieces of art that contribute to this dynamic business, continually expanding her knowledge and network as both an artist and an entrepreneur in the TV and Film Industry.​