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"Her Fiance's Double Life" now on Lifetime!

Last Saturday night, we tucked in with bubbly and popcorn to watch the live premiere of our new Lifetime movie, Her Fiance's Double Life! (Falling For A Killer on imdb due to a last minute title change)

Directed by Lindsay Hartley, starring Jonathon Stoddard and Aubrey Reynolds alongside me. Filmed in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina last summer. The storyline follows Darcy (me) who goes back home to meet her sisters new fiance. When her intuition tells her something is off, she takes it upon herself to investigate.

This was one of the best experiences I had on a set, and I think it shows in the work. We all got a long so well, collaborating on the big scenes and laughing in between takes.

Take a peek and tell me what you think! Now available on Hulu or internationally to rent on iTunes. Behind the scenes photos below!

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