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"Toxic Impulses" Available on Tubi!

TOXIC IMPULSES is a film noir styled heist drama. Written and Directed by Kyle Shadt, starring myself as the lead, Zemira, Benedikt Sebastian as Detective Mosely, and his curious neighbor played by Helene Udy. We debuted at the Marina Del Rey Film Festival in 2022 and screened at the Silver State Film Festival.

When Mosely gets a knock on his door from a mysterious woman asking for help, he becomes wrapped up in her twisted world. Watch the trailer HERE.

We shot this in Los Angeles, San Pedro and Long Beach during the summer of 2021. Fun fact about San Pedro -- the scenes in the adorable seaside bungalow will look familiar to you if you've seen Top Gun Maverick... This film has twists and turns, and feels really gritty. Kyle is an award-nominated editor, which you can tell in the final product as he did all the editing and it looks fantastic! Kyle also won an award for editing this film at the SSFF. Filming this was such a different experience for me. Zemira is so complicated, torn and all her decisions are ultimately fueled by her impulses due to addiction. But on the flip side, she says what's on her mind and is unapologetic -- which was fun to tap into -- I took a little bit of her attitude home with me.

If you don't have Tubi, you can rent T.I. on YouTube as well. If you have seen it -- what did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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