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"Lifetime Uncorked" Podcast Episode Out Now!

LIFETIME UNCORKED is a fantastic podcast that revolves around all things Lifetime Movies.

Patrick Serrano runs the show as the main host, and he brings along his friends to co-host, most notably the Deck the Hallmark Podcast guys. Each episode discusses in depth the most recent movie released on the Lifetime Channel. Explaining the plot twists and turns in a hilarious fashion, Patrick and his team invite their audience in with sarcastic banter and the love of made-for-tv films.

I started following them as I got involved with the lifetime family a few months ago. Upon the release of Her Fiancés Double Life, I saw that they had released an episode solely for the film. (Which is hilarious) We touched base over instagram and ended up recording an episode 2 weeks later! With Patrick, and this time a fabulous co-host Kathleen.

We talk all things Lifetime, the process in which we shot this film and of course the legend herself Lindsay Hartley. Kathleen and Patrick were prepared with their questions and did their research because to my surprise they also brought up "Looking For Her", which I will happily chat about any day. To round out the conversation, Kathleen asks me about my experience working on Wonder Woman, which lends itself to a recurring topic of discussion in this interview which is the importance and power of women supporting each other.

Spotify Links...

Listen to the episode on Spotify HERE

Follow them on Instagram HERE

I made a post about the episode HERE — if you had a listen, let me know what you think in the comments!

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