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Interview with VoyageLA

Gaining exposure as an actor or artist can be one of the toughest parts of climbing the ladder. It helps us get more auditions, jobs, opportunities. VoyageLA reached out last month about an interview for their online magazine, as part of their "Conversations" segment.

While going through this interview, it allowed me time to reflect on my journey thus far. I've been performing on stage since I was 3. Professionally I started getting paid to be on camera and stage at 11. I left home at 18 and have been traveling and living abroad in order to perform and pursue this lifelong career. I moved to LA in 2017. Remembering that it's been 5 years with 2 years of the pandemic -- I'm really proud of myself and that I've gone from 1 suitcase and a couple hundred dollars to a working actor in that time.

While day-to-day, as artists we can get really down on ourselves for not booking an audition or not being "farther ahead", reminiscing on the journey is undervalued because it reminds us of how far we have come!

So a massive THANK YOU to VoyageLA for pursuing stories and creating a platform for us up-and-coming artists to have another landing page!

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