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"Looking For Her" Available to Rent!

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

It's here! It's out!

Available to rent for this year on iTunes, Amazon and YouTube. Watch the trailer HERE!

Journalist, Taylor hasn't spent a Christmas with her family in 3 years. When her Dad calls asking her to come stay with them for the holidays and to bring her girlfriend, Taylor becomes conflicted. On one hand she wants to see her family and put differences aside, but on the other, she is too proud to tell them that she is newly single. Enter Olive, the actress looking for a holiday job and the solution to Taylor's dilemma.

Since its release, the response has been so kind, supportive and positive. Viewers are loving it, and that's all we could ask for. The cast and crew put a lot of heart into this indie holiday rom-com, and it's definitely coming through. Written and Directed by the multi-talented Alexandra Swarens. This is our second film together! Alexandra's first ever full length feature was City of Trees, which she cast me in back in 2018. Since, we've become really close friends, and watching her career soar has been an absolute highlight.

A massive Thank You to Good Deed Entertainment for snatching this up and adding it to your library!

Congrats everyone!

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