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PRONTO Podcast Interview

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

On Monday, February 13th I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Vicenza and Randy of the Pronto Podcast! We recorded the episode as a live stream video, which can be watched here on Facebook. Or listen to the episode on Spotify or Apple Podcasts!

The Pronto team reached out to me about being on the show after I got to know some of their staff very well during my wedding week. Randy Currie is the owner of Currie Salon, which is where I spent every day for 1 week during my wedding and were behind all the looks! Vicenza is an accomplished host, emcee, beauty pageant contestant and restaurateur. Together, they started this podcast last year as a way to bring the community together, have discussions about career paths, life and influence.

In our episode, the two of them ask plenty of questions about my career and life as a performer, taking risks and what it means to be a self-starting individual. We also touch on the wedding and The Shoebox Project.

If you listened -- what did you think?? Let me know in the comments!

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